360º video production

Also known as VR video, 360 Video is a highly effective method to place viewers inside the world of a film, allowing them to look all around the environment and be truly immersed in the content.

Planing a 360º video

When planning a 360 video, there are many things to consider like where the video will be displayed and what the end goal of the project is. Virtual Era is an end-to-end 360 production agency that listens carefully to your goals and expectations for the project and together with your team we come up with a scenario and provide all the necessary elements for production. Such elements include concept planning, location scouting, shooting, post producing and distributing of your new 360° content. Our 360° videos can also be produced as traditional 2D video and distributed across many exciting video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Process of shooting in 360°

Traditional cinematic composition techniques limit you to the contents of a frame. 360 degree cinematography frees the viewer by removing the boundaries. Viewing an interactive 360° video creates an immersive experience that allows the consumer to choose where they wish to look.The technology to properly view production in this new, exciting medium requires a creative eye schooled in the potential of this and different canvas and skilled in the creative process, from creation of a conceptual storyboard that makes sense in an unchained environment. When the viewer is free to look in any direction that they choose, the key to success is in persuading them to look at the things you want them to see. Workflow in 360º video production: Teamwork, Storyboard, Casting, Lightning, Shooting, Post production, Color correction, Distribution.

Final production stage

After the video is injected, wath means that can be viewed like all around 360° experience, you can upload the video on Facebook or Youtube and after you can easily embed that video on your website. That video can be used or watched on a device made for 360 video playback like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard head mounted displays(HMD).

360º video display option distribution

Distributing 360º video & VR content is a crucial step in achieving successful results. We can also provide you an affordable solution to watch your 360 videos. We can include them in your project budget.


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